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Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services

Sales ICS sells contact center solutions that turn your contact center into a profit center.

Our sales team has a deep understanding of NICE solutions and which products work best for your unique operation. ICS has installed and supported solutions as large as 6000 seats for financial, insurance, healthcare, consumer product, and other companies that require efficient, recorded, and reportable customer interactions for voice, web, chat, and other customer interactions. Let us find the perfect solution for you. Contact us at 609-843-0475 or info@ICSanalytics.com

ICS Cloud Hosting

The ICS Cloud is the fastest way to install and deploy NICE solutions– in weeks instead of months. › Maintenance costs drop because ICS handles all the maintenance in the cloud. › Improved cash flow: instead of a major acquisition cost, you pay only a monthly or annual fee.

ICS Cloud Hosting is the easiest, fastest and the best cash-flow model for purchasing and deploying NICE Solutions.  more info   Contact us at 609-843-0475 or info@ICSanalytics.com

ICS Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) connects state-of-the-art software and legacy data systems to create faster, zero-defect data flows that speed up contact resolution, capture more customers and reduce costs. This new wave of interconnected cognitive systems will fundamentally change business in the next ten years.

ICS Process Automation can pay for itself. Any routine activity that does not require an agent to make a decision is a candidate for robotic automation. ICS can streamline many routine back-office processes, thus reducing costs, improving customer retention and increasing profitability. Contact us at 609-843-0475 or info@ICSanalytics.com

Consulting The ICS consulting team will partner with you to optimize the benefits and efficiencies that come with NICE solutions.

We are experienced at executing solutions and processes that apply directly to your industry. While we help you roll out your specific NICE solution, we will consult and coach your team on how to realize a faster ROI with industry-best practices. We also provide consulting and managed services far beyond the initial roll out. Our consulting team of NICE-certified professionals know the products inside and out, and can help you optimize your solutions. Contact us at 609-843-0475 or info@ICSanalytics.com

Implementation ICS is the #1 NICE-certified installer and service provider for contact centers.  All ICS engineers are Tier 3/NICE-Certified Implementation Engineers.

In the past, contact center engineers were certified as Tier 1 for initial support documentation, Tier 2 for database changes, and Tier 3 for comprehensive support including installation of NICE software. Today, Tier 3 engineers are “NICE Certified Implementation Engineers” (NCIE). All ICS engineers are NCIEs. When you’re talking with an ICS engineer, you’re talking with the best engineer available. ICS will ensure that your NICE solutions are optimized for your team. Contact us at 609-843-0475 or info@ICSanalytics.com

Training ICS is the only NICE Platinum Training Provider in the U.S. and Canada.

A product is only as good as its operators. ICS offers training for every employee, and for each role within your NICE solution. We want you to thoroughly understand all the benefits of your NICE solution, and to reap the profits of your investment in NICE.  We use real life situation training, and our experts will help your employees effectively operate your new systems. Contact us at 609-843-0475 or info@ICSanalytics.com.

Managed Services ICS is the only NICE authorized partner that offers managed services for NICE solutions.

ICS offers Managed Services to ensure continuous operation, compliance, and optimization. ICS Managed Services are tailored to your requirements for support, implementation, reporting, training, back-up, disaster recovery, staffing, and workforce optimization. Our engineers will help meet your contact center goals, and ensure that your NICE solution operates continuously and efficiently. Contact us at 609-843-0475 or info@ICSanalytics.com.