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Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance Management

Leverage Performance Data To Drive Agent Performance

Organizations often have multiple service initiatives in play, with pressure to improve customer satisfaction and reduce cost at the same time.

How do you move the needle on potentially opposing metrics simultaneously? You need to align your entire organization around transparent data, goals and insight. Then motivate the right action across the frontline every day. NICE Performance Management enables that transparency, insight and motivation.

The NICE Performance Management solution combines analytics, planning and reporting to enable service organizations to analyze the business. Its robust capabilities include performance analytics from cross-channel sources, dashboards for frontline employees up to senior executives and compensation administration to align performance.

Build A Culture Of Performance
Organizations are awash with growing volumes of performance data—collecting it largely in homegrown software and Excel spreadsheets that are bursting at the seams. NICE PMM offers a better solution:

Automate reporting of WFM, Quality and Other Data.
This immediately frees WFM professionals and frontline supervisors from number crunching so they can spend their time on scheduling and coaching.

Present performance data at the individual level.
Now every employee knows exactly how their performance compares to targets and to peers—inspiring accountability and self-correction.

NICE PM keeps pace with contact center change.
Employees come, go, get promoted and more. Excel and homegrown software cannot reflect the constant movement in a contact center or back office. NICE PMM maps data to individuals, following them as they move. That offers you the ability to compare and contrast the performance of multiple people across time in order to truly identify top contributors and coaches.

The NICE Performance Management solution helps organizations optimize their performance management processes:

• Alignment of individual and team goals with strategic organizational objectives.
• Creation of an enterprise-wide culture of performance accountability
• Staff motivation to self-manage and improve performance
• Automated reporting to free supervisors of administrative time wasters
• Process streamlining to ensure accuracy and timeliness

The Results: An organization that is completely aligned around a common understanding of data and goals. Total performance transparency helps every employee focus on the actions and behaviors that matter most to the company and to the customer.