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Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality Management

Unify Your Quality Programs in a Single Application

Decrease average handle time by 10-30

Decrease hold time by 5-25%

Increase customer satisfaction by 15-40%

Increase first call resolution by 15-40%

Improve sales effectiveness by 10-20%

Business-Driven Results

Delivering consistent quality customer service is imperative in today’s customer-driven market, but it challenges even the most sophisticated organization. It requires the alignment of countless organizational functions across a variety of channels, yet a single problem – an unforeseen backlog, a computer glitch, an undertrained employee – can undermine a customer relationship in an instant.

Contact center executives understand the value of quality management to drive agent engagement, boost efficiency and deliver greater customer satisfaction. In fact, in a recent survey by Gatepoint Research, contact center executives said they believe quality management provides a powerful competitive advantage, above any other workforce optimization tool. It can elevate agent performance and, in turn, customer experience.

ICS can evaluate your quality processes, and establish solutions that provide a single, holistic approach to quality management, ensuring that processes and agents’ performance align with your business initiatives. With NICE solutions, we provide the flexibility to automate and customize all of your quality processes to deliver greater efficiency and uncover actionable insights that improve agent engagement and customer satisfaction.

Background: A global leading lodging company with more than 5,700 properties in more than 110 countries.

Business: Increase the conversation rate of confirmed reservations by identifying the lower quartile associates through speech analytics and focusing on eligible sales calls that did not end up with a reservation.

Solution: Quality Central, Nexidia Interaction Analytics

Results: ROI results are at 160% of target. The initial business goal for the entire first year was surpassed.

Background: One of the UK’s leading providers of fixed line broadband and voice telephony services to consumers and business users, serving over 4.8 million customers across the UK.

Business: TalkTalk operates in a sales environment with strict regulation. They were working with regulators to rectify issues following customer complaints. They needed to analyze the situation, but were only able to sample about 2% of the calls manually.

Solution: Quality Central and Nexidia Interaction Analytics

Results: Number of calls assessed increased from 2,000 to 124,000 per month. Sales compliance QA of high-risk calls is now five times faster.

NICE Quality Central

NICE Quality Central is a new standalone application that provides a single, holistic approach to quality management, ensuring that your contact center, back-office processes and performance metrics are closely tied to top-priority objectives. Quality Central unifies disparate quality management processes by leveraging all data sources including NICE and non-NICE recording system and back office data.


NICE Quality Management

NICE Quality Management provides contact centers of all sizes powerful capabilities to drive customer satisfaction, improve agent effectiveness and optimize contact center processes for many years. As a traditional Quality Management application, it only works with NICE recording.


Evaluate All Data
With NICE Quality Central, evaluate any data source or channel, unifying all quality processes in a single application.

End-to-End Quality Automation
Provide end-to-end quality automation with 100 percent customization of workflows. Personalize with the ability to segment data for custom reports, and individualize dashboards.

Total Integration
Integrate with NICE Recording, Interaction Analytics, Workforce Management, Voice of the Customer and Performance Management solutions.