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Real-time Solutions

Real-time Solutions

Real-time Solutions

Real-time Solutions

Real-Time Activity Monitoring
Contact center and back office environments often represent companies’ largest, most complex management challenge. Because these critical operations are fueled by countless processes and multiple desktop applications, it can be difficult to gain visibility into employees’ work output and handling times. In addition to these management hurdles, employees here must quickly master frequent updates to desktop applications, processes and compliance requirements, even as they interact with customers or process paperwork.

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NICE Real-Time Activity Monitoring captures and analyzes contact center and back office employees’ desktop activity to provide visibility into process inefficiencies, discover employee best practices and simplify your most complex office environments.

NICE Real-Time Activity Monitoring identifies when a desktop process starts and ends, and monitors all the desktop activity—applications used, tasks and processes executed—in between. This groundbreaking ability to define process paths at the agent and team level serves as the foundation for its two core capabilities:

Desktop Process Monitoring
Capture and analyze handle time for discrete desktop processes.
Desktop Application Monitoring- Gain visibility into how employees, including remote workers, use desktop applications and websites throughout the workday.
Improve Visibility and Performance of Your Contact Center, Branch and Back Office Operations

Real Time Authentication

Authenticating customer identity is an important security measure, part of every customer call. Yet the process can cost your organization valuable time and compromise your customer experience.

Although it may only take a few seconds per call, customer authentication can comprise more than 25% of average handle time. When multiplied across thousands of calls a year, this process constitutes significant operational cost for the contact center, and might also harm customer experience.

NICE Real-Time Authentication significantly reduces average handle time and improves the customer experience by utilizing voice biometrics to authenticate customers in real time. With this advanced technology, contact centers can:

•     Voiceprint the vast majority of customers for seamless passive enrollment—NICE patent-pending innovation.
•     Securely authenticate customers with zero customer effort—significantly improving the customer experience.
•     Help agents expedite time to service, shaving valuable seconds off average handle time.
•     Significantly reduce fraud risk for all customers, and deter fraudsters.

Quicker. Easier. More Secure.

Real Time Guidance and Automation

Analyzing the ongoing, multifaceted exchange of interactions and transactions between customers and organizations provides contact centers with valuable insights about their customers’ wants and needs, the issues they face, and how to address them. NICE Real-Time Process Optimization helps organizations own the decisive moments of customer interactions by shaping interactions in real time, delivering real-time decision making, next-best-action guidance and process automation.

Process Automation
ICS Process Automation can pay for itself.

Any routine activity that does not require an agent to make a decision is a candidate for process automation. ICS can streamline many routine back-office processes, thus reducing costs, improving customer retention and increasing profitability. Contact us at 609-843-0475 or info@ICSanalytics.com

Next Best Action: Customers expect agents to provide immediate and accurate answers to their questions. Doing so requires contact center agents to access multiple sources of customer information and knowledge bases. They often also need to memorize scripts as well as understand and apply complex business rules. This information spans a multitude of applications and changes frequently with the introduction of new products, services and promotions. How can you translate it into the most effective next-best-action in real time?

NICE Real-Time Process Optimization provides next-best-action recommendations to your agents, at the decisive moment of the interaction using an intelligent real-time decisioning engine, as they talk with customers on the phone or via chat. It enables agents to take appropriate action— ask for regulation-required permissions, make a retention offer, suggest products or promotions— as part of the NICE closed-loop workflow.

Process Automation NICE Real-Time Process Optimization simplifies processes by automating procedures that require agents to follow complex business rules in order to provide customer service. As a result, agents provide quick and effective service while complying with company procedures and regulations.

Can you impact interactions in real time? Now you can.