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Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Workforce Management

We know how stressful it can be to optimize staffing and manage performance all while engaging employees. That’s why we are constantly doing our research to bring the very best technology to your toolset. Our friends at NICE put together an excellent e-book analyzing the growing gap between employers and employees. This report explains how new technologies can solve age-old headaches.  

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Meet Customer Needs

NICE IEX Workforce Management Software system is a single, comprehensive solution capable of driving the performance, effectiveness and efficiency of your entire enterprise workforce. Whether your employees handle customer calls, process back office tasks or both, NICE IEX Workforce Management improves resource planning, streamlines time-consuming tasks and gives you visibility across sites and lines of business enabling your operation to deliver customer-winning service at the lowest possible operating cost.

NICE IEX WFM Benefits:
• Connect to 95+ ACDs, Outbound dialers and other media sources.
• Greater forecast accuracy with a patented algorithm. Enterprise-level web based reporting
• Multi-site capable
• Multi-skill simulation
• Flexible scheduling rules

Efficiency Gains in Areas Such As:

Lower Absenteeism

Less Shrinkage

Higher Productivity

Schedule With Precision, and Engage Your Employees.
You need a workforce management solution that can digest the complexity of your organization and produce precise forecasts and clear action. That’s exactly why NICE IEX Workforce Management leads the market in share and product innovation.

Solution depth and configurability delivers highly tuned forecasts and schedules and automates processes to free you to focus on higher value activities. Simple end user interfaces make it easy for every employee to ‘own’ their schedule and their performance. The result? More engaged employees and a more efficient operation.

Key Benefit: Workforce empowerment. Empowered and engaged employees perform better, improving your results and strengthening brand loyalty and value.